Udder Professional

Udder Professional does the lot !

Udder Professional is the most sophisticated decision support tool available for dairy farmers, researchers, and consultants, working with dairy herds grazing temperate ryegrass/clover pastures.

Udder Professional provides all the simulation capacity of Udder OnFarm. In addition to these features, it provides powerful optimisation technology and the ability to conduct in depth analysis of farming system.

Udder Professional’s optimisation functions provide you with the ability to ask:

What would be the best management system to adopt if…..

  •     Milk prices increased/decreased by 25% ?
  •     Seasonal payment differentials for milk products were introduced ?
  •     The cost of purchasing supplements decreased by 15% ?
  •     I changed my herd’s calving pattern ?
  •     I increased stocking rate by 15% ?

Udder’s optimiser provides recommended strategies that include:

  •     The amount and timing of supplementary feeding.
  •     The timing and size of Nitrogen applications.
  •     Appropriate grazing rotations.
  •     The timing and scale of fodder conservation.
  •     Appropriate fodder cropping strategies.
  •     Timing of drying off.

Udder Professional provides the capacity to conduct factorial stocking rate experiments to determine the sensitivity of management structures to changes in stocking rate in combination with milk prices. Response curves describe the risks and benefits of increasing stocking rate, rather than just calculating the optimum solution.

Udder Professional when combined with an appropriate training course, provides you with accreditation as an Udder Professional.
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