Udder On Farm

Udder OnFarm can be used by all dairy farmers grazing dairy herds on temperate ryegrass/clover pastures.

Udder OnFarm allows you to test a huge variety of management options at your desk. Here are a few of the questions you could ask.

What would happen to my farm’s profitability if I….

  •     Increased stocking rate ?
  •     Changed my herd’s calving pattern ?
  •     Changed my drying off strategy ?
  •     Grazed the heifers off the farm ?
  •     Changed the target liveweight of my replacement heifers ?
  •     Put the herd on once a day milking ?
  •     Used a longer grazing rotation during the autumn ?
  •     Fed more concentrate supplements during the summer ?
  •     Conserved a greater area of silage on the farm ?
  •     Used more Nitrogen fertiliser ?
  •     Grow a fodder crop ?
  •     Withdraw an area of pasture for renovation ?

Why use it ?

  •     Develop options for your farm that will increase profits.
  •     Experiment on the computer – not your farm.

Want to try it out ?