Udder predicts what happens on a dairy farm under different management conditions. All products in the Udder are driven by the same simulation model with the same level of sophistication.

There are three products based on the Udder simulation model. The programs are customised for different purposes and different target audiences.

Udder OnFarm

Udder OnFarm is what you need if you have ever asked “What would happen on my farm if I changed…….?”. Udder OnFarm enables you to explore all management options modelled by Udder and assess the financial implications of change.

Udder Professional

Udder Professional is the Rolls Royce of dairy decision support. It expands on the basic simulation abilities of Udder OnFarm and provides sophisticated optimisation technology. The is the product if you have ever asked “What would be the best management option to adopt ?”  Udder’s optimiser will develop superior management systems, and can conduct analyses over a range of stocking rates and pricing structures.