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Udder 3.10


Udder3 dramatically expands the capability of your existing Udder application. Here is a summary of the new features :
•    The supplementary feed options are expanded to 12 different feeds.
•    Supplementary feeds may be specified for Fresh milkers, Stale milkers, dry and springing cows separately.
o    Dry cows are cows more than 20 days prior to calving. Springers are cows and heifers within 20 days of calving. The stage of lactation when cows become stale can now be specified on a monthly basis.


•    Added ability to specify waste of supplements on a ten day basis.


•    Capacity of hay paddocks has been increased to 12.
•    Up to 6 periods of topping may now be specified.
•    Up to 24 applications of Nitrogen fertiliser may be specified.
•    Up to 10 fodder crops may be described.
•    Added ability to graze stale cows on less pasture than fresh cows.
•    Added ability to enter rotations in days, ha, or sq m per cow.
•    Graphs and output to support all new simulation features.
•    Added the ability to withdraw milk from sale.
o    Production per cow remains the same but farm production is reduced  by the quantity specified.
o    Using the toggle button on the farm production screen will allow you to view the percentage of cow production that is sold.
•    Added the ability to feed supplements to stock carried off farm.
o    Just set the off farm feed option to true in the supplements screen. The quantities entered will then be fed to animals grazing off the farm.
•    Added the ability to waste pasture.
o    You enter the percentage of the grazing area which is wasted.  For milkers and dry cows running on fresh pasture, the intake is calculated based on the reduced area. It is assumed that the pasture in the wasted area is lost down to a height of 1.5 cm. For replacement stock that have fixed level of intake,  the quantity of pasture removed is scaled up so that the wasted percentage is lost in addition to the pasture requirement of the young stock.
Improved ease of use and data security through :
•    Layout of all forms updated with larger fonts for bigger screens.
•    New “Pin” button added to data entry screens to save their size and position between use.
•    New Undo button added to data entry screens to enable a step back through changes to a particular form made during the current session.


•    Files now save the last 10 saved versions. You can restore to a previous saved point using the “Previous saves” option on the File menu. This lists the date and the time a file was saved and you can choose which version to reload.


•    New “Pencil” button added to main form and all data entry forms to enable notes to be recorded against a file. When you open the notes, it adds today’s date at the top of the file and makes a space ready for your latest notes at the top of the file.



Udder OnFarm/Professional

29.04.08 Version 2.10

A new report has been added to the reports tab summarising targets.

Windows adjusted to avoid scrolling on newer XP machines.

03.05.04 Version 2.9

Clicking on a ponit on the graphs now displays the date and the value.

A bug that displayed a fodder crop intake when no milkers were present
has been corrected so that graphs are not confusing. This makes no
difference to simulations as the number of milkers present at the time
was zero.

Entering the sale of a yearling resulted in a yearling and a calf
being sold. This bug has been corrected so that you can simulate
sales of calves and yearlings correctly. If you have had yearling
sales entered, you may find that this modifies your predicted
production slightly.

A per hectare variable cost has been added to the prices screen
so that a more accurate “Gross margin” can be calculated.

A feed wastage % has been added to each supplement screen so that
you can enter the amount offered to cows and adjust for wastage
that occurs when fodder is fed in the paddock. The graphs display the
amount of feed fed/offered to the cows, and does the financials on
this amount. The simulation then wastes a proportion of this feed
and reduces the feed inputs accordingly.

21.04.04 Version 2.8

The total “Pasture harvested” shown at the top of the pasture
growth rate graph (F2) has been adjusted to include dry matter
conserved on the farm. This will result in a higher value being
displayed when hay or silage is conserved on the farm. This bug
has been present since the conversion from DOS which did include
the home grown conserved feed.

27.10.03 Version 2.7

Seasonal partitioning adjustment factors added to enable partitioning
equations to be adjusted during specific periods of the year. This
will usually be related to times when protein supplements are
being fed with the aim of increasing partitioning towards milk.

29.05.03 Version 2.6

Optimisations using multiple supplements could result in unrealistic
dry matter intakes. This is because Udder assumed that supplements
fed to cows were consumed. When using the optimiser with more than
one supplement, you may wish to consider options where up to 8kg of
one supplement are fed, or up to 7kg of another. However, you don’t
want the two fed together at these rates.

To overcome this dilemma with the optimsier, I have included
a limit on the dry matter intake of supplements. I have made the
simple assumption that milking cows at peak can consume up to 3% of
liveweight as supplements, and dry cows 2%. It is a simple assumption
and does not account for differences in feeds. However, it will stop the
optimiser considering some unrealistic solutions. Remember that the
optimiser can still come up with solutions that don’t provide a
diet balanced for fibre and protein. Udder only worries about energy.

10.02.03 Version 2.5

Bug when importing Fodder 3 details from DOS files corrected.
Dry matter% is now set correctly.

Shift-F7 when viewing graphs now gives the correct crop graph.

The graph showing total feed is retained if you move to another
graph and back again.

16.12.01 Version 2.3

Calibration option added to the Actuals menu.

Version 2.2 adds the capacity to fit body condition scores as well as milk production and farm cover as part of the auto calibration described below. It also corrects a bug when displaying the Reports page.

Version 2 of Udder has now been released.

The most significant improvements is the inclusion of an auto calibration function.

What does that mean ?

Udder will automatically develop a simulation model for a farm that fits actual information collected for the property. Use the Updates screen to download the latest update for your program. Use the calibration screen to view a short list of instructions on using the function.

The calibration function will now:

  •     Modify the prediction of milk composition to fit actual data.
  •     The fat and protein predictors will be set accurately for you.
  •     Establish pasture predictions including:
  •     Pasture growth rate
  •     Pasture digestibility
  •     Pasture calibration (Height/Mass) equations.
  •     Refine the prediction of milk solids, body condition score, and minimise the variation from actual by manipulating Genetic Merit factors and seasonal intake adjustments.

This will save you heaps of time and get you straight to the business of developing better systems for your clients.

Try it and see.

Let me know how you get on.