Welcome to UDDER

Welcome to Udder

A decision support model that predicts the milk production of dairy herds grazing pasture under different management systems.

Welcome to Udder’s home on the web.

What is Udder ?
  • Udder is computer software that assists dairy farmers make decisions that make their farms more profitable.
  • Udder predicts the milk production for a dairy herd that grazes pasture, under different management conditions.
  • It has special optimising routines that can  recommend management systems that are likely to increase farm profitability.
  • In academic terms, Udder is a computer simulation model of a pasture based dairy farm with capacity for optimisation.
What can you do with Udder ?
  • Udder can be used to test how management changes affect farm profits.
  • Management options that can be tested include
  • calving & drying off strategies.
  • stocking rate.
  • supplementary feeding programs.
  • fodder conservation strategies.
  • cropping programs.
  • dry stock management.
 Who should use Udder ?
  • Dairy farmers.
  • Dairy farm consultants.
  • Students.
  • Research scientists.
  • Educators.
 Why use Udder?
  • Udder has been used by commercial consultants for over 10 years.
  • Udder has been thoroughly tested in the temperate pasture environments of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Udder is the only commercially available decision support system that enables dairy farmers to investigate the impact of whole farm management changes.
How was it developed and where did it come from?
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Where do you get it ?